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Balance to Increase Productivity

With all the hats we wear as business owners, it can be tempting to write off personal downtime as a luxury rather than a necessity. And many who make that mistake suffer from burnout that zaps energy, passion, productivity–and revenues. When the leader of an organization suffers it affects the entire team.

For several years now, my Online Business Manager, Denisse and her sister have run successful “lifestyle” businesses designed to ensure they can keep their work and lives in balance. Denisse recently shared some pointers that we–and employees–can use to help ensure maximum productivity.


What needs to be taken care of right away and what can wait 24-48 hours without being a problem? It’s important to prioritize your day to be more productive and save time. And like I mention below, there is only so much time in the day.

Drop activities (or clients) that zap your energy and time

I have had a client or two that were great clients and very profitable. But they just always seemed to demand so much time and energy. After working on the client, I would feel drained, stressed and with no energy to complete my day. Although it’s hard to let these profitable clients or activities go, many times its for the best.

Learn to say no

Think twice before making last-minute changes to your schedule to accommodate someone else, or before taking on duties that are someone else’s responsibility. Otherwise, their stress becomes your overwhelm. Be sure to delegate tasks that can and should be handled by someone else, and avoid the practice of accepting “kicked back” tasks from contractors or employees. Learning how to say no to things that will affect your balance throughout your day can help you stay productive, with energy to spare.

Find something you enjoy to do the most

Work can overtake our lives and although some of us may love to work, there is always that one thing that will bring joy to your face and peace to your mind. Whether it’s watching  a movie, going out to eat, reading a good book, treating your kids, exercising, getting involved in something creative (such as art, dance or design). Anything that puts you at ease. Even if you do it once a week, find that one thing that cheers you up.  Happiness has a lot to do with productivity and our performance. So don’t put your happiness on the back burner!

Know when it’s time to disconnect

Technology can help us save time and be more productive. At the same time, it’s important to know when it’s time to disconnect. Shut off the phone, internet, tablets, and other devices, in order to have personal time or quiet time, which is what I like to call it in my household.

Remember… there is only so much time in the day. If you can’t get to it, tomorrow is another day. No need to stress about it.


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