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Whether you’re working to grow your business, nonprofit or career, one-on-one and group coaching can place you on the fast track to the next level. 

Who can benefit from business communication coaching?

I work with successful business and nonprofit leaders as follows:

1) Entrepreneurs who are at one of the following places with their business:

  • Seeking to increase visibility, credibility and get the buy-in they need from stakeholders to meet revenue goals.
  • Fully committed to doing what it takes to attract more customers or donors, but needing a specific plan of action.
  • Wanting a marketing, media or messaging strategy that will help them make the most of existing and planned resources.

2) Managers and executives responsible for the success of a team that needs to attract more customers.

3) Nonprofit leaders responsible for engaging potential stakeholders and donors in order to grow and sustain their impact on the communities they serve.

4) Executives and emerging leaders who want:

  • A full practice or want to upgrade clientele.
  • To become irresistibly attractive rather than promotion-based.
  • To find and develop a high-level referral network.
  • To improve presentation skills in order to engage prospects, peers and stakeholders more effectively.

Thanks to modern technology I am able to work with clients from almost anywhere in the world.

You’ll find more details about coaching under frequently asked questions.


Most of my clients start with a free strategy coaching session by telephone.

In just 20 minutes, you get valuable information and a no-obligation way to determine if my expertise matches your needs. Schedule your Strategy session here.