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Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A with Juana


1. How did you get into business and media coaching and consulting?

I’ve spent more than two decades working in marketing and media positions including radio and television news anchor/reporter, talk show host/producer, public relations (PR) representative, marketing VP, consultant and speaker.  After leaving my last job in  television news, I began working with small business and non-profit leaders who needed assistance with marketing and PR strategies.  Some were not accustomed to public speaking and needed a little coaching to prepare for special presentations.

I find that many people are very good at what they do for a living but simply don’t have the marketing, media and presentation skills training they need to consistently build visibility, credibility and buy-in from employees, customers and the public.  J-Hart Communications grew out of my passion to help ‘non-marketers’ achieve their personal, professional and organizational communication goals.


2. What services do you provide?

In addition to coaching and telecoaching, I offer the following services:

  • Strategic Communication Consulting for small to medium companies, nonprofit organizations and associations.
  • Workshops, presentations and trainings that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Topics include marketing; public relations; managing change; presentation and media interview skills training.
  • My signature speech is entitled “Increase Your Visibility, Boost Your Bottom Line”.
  • Business writing: sales proposals grant proposals; speeches; presentations; marketing collateral; project outlines.
  • Conference Services: I emcee conference general sessions, present breakout sessions, and generate daily conference video digests.


3. What types of goals can you help me achieve?

I work with successful business and nonprofit leaders as follows:

  • Entrepreneurs who are at one of the following places with their business:
  • Seeking to engage employees, clients, stakeholders, media and or the public
  • more effectively to increase visibility, credibility, buy-in and revenues.
  • Fully committed to doing what it takes to reach more customers, but needing a specific plan of action.
  • Wanting strategic communication planning to make the most of current and planned resources.
  • Executives and emerging leaders who want:
    • A full practice or want to upgrade clientele.
    • To become irresistibly attractive rather than promotion-based.
    • To find and develop a high-level referral network.
    • To improve presentation skills and engage prospects, peers and stakeholders more effectively.
  • Managers and executives responsible for the success of a team that needs to attract more customers.
  • Nonprofit leaders responsible for engaging potential stakeholders and donors in order to grow and sustain their impact on the communities they serve.


4. Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because it brings out your best. As your coach, I believe you can create your own best answers and I am here to support you in that process. Specifically, this is what I do with you during our coaching sessions:

1)    Listen Fully. You are the focus. I listen to what you say, what you are trying to say, and what you are not saying.  

2)    Share. After you have fully communicated, I share with you my advice, ideas, comments, and views on your situation, project, challenges, or opportunity.

3)    Endorse. Any entrepreneur, manager or professional with an extraordinary objective needs an outside voice full of endorsement, compassion, and acknowledgement. Not a “yes” person, but someone who knows what it takes to succeed.

4)    Suggest. I want you to be the best business communicator you can be. Part of my job is to be at least three steps ahead of you, yet be with you. As such, I will make requests and suggestions to facilitate your progress.


5. What is the fee?

My  coaching fee is $150 per hour and, by selecting a coaching package, clients enjoy substantial savings.


6. How do you work?

I work mostly on the telephone, which is called telecoaching. You call me at a local or toll-free number, at a prescheduled time. Most clients call me once per week at the same time each week. Calls last 25 or 55 minutes. The monthly fee, payable in advance, for the 25-minute call is $300; for the 55-minute call, $500. Additional time is billed at $150 per hour. Coachees may meet with me, but most find the telephone to be more efficient (and practical, since many of my clients live outside my hometown).

Every now and then a project requires videotaping, audio recording or on-site rehearsals. In those situations I arrange to meet with clients in person and additional fees may apply.


7. What credentials do you have for coaching?

The primary credential of any coach or consultant is the assessable success of his or her coachees. Clients who work with me and achieve their goals often call on me again when new challenges arise.

Additionally, I have:

More than 25 years of success as a business communicator. I have worked on both sides of the camera and both sides of business through a myriad of challenges. Having served as both a “buyer” and “seller” of news and information over the years has enabled me to help entrepreneurs, professionals and nonprofit organizations develop communication and outreach strategies that result in greater visibility and increased engagement with prospective customers, supporters and stakeholders.


8. What else should I know about how you work?

There are several administrative guidelines that you should know about:

1. Fees are paid in advance. Packages can be purchased with one payment or divided into two payments, due on the first of each month of service.

2. Our time together is a high priority. Your time slot is yours, and I strongly discourage rescheduling unless there is a serious emergency. If you are going on vacation or can’t make a call one week, we will either make up the time before you leave or after you return. You may call me at the toll-free number: 1-(866) 768-5402 or local: (702) 257-6646.

From time to time when you call, you may get my voice mail asking that you call another number to reach me.

3. The monthly fee covers four sessions per month. Every few months, your coaching weekday may occur five times on the calendar. I take that fifth day off to restore, and there is no coaching call.


9. What do you expect of your clients?

In order to ensure your success, everything we do together will be based on the needs, values and vision you share with me. I ask that you grant our relationship enough room so that you can reach your goals quickly. What that means is:

  • You will work with me to create a collaborative relationship based on mutual trust.
  • You will speak with me openly and honestly, being truthful about your thoughts and feelings as we work together.
  • That you’re willing to listen to what I have to say.
  • You will complete assignments in a timely manner.
  • You will read the articles and materials that accompany your Welcome Packet.


10. What can I expect from you, as the coach?

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I will be unconditionally constructive.
  • No matter what happens during our call, you can expect me to say only those things designed to further your goals.
  • If you are disturbed, I do understand.
  • If you are stuck, I will be patient.
  • If you can’t wait to share a victory, I will celebrate with you.
  • I will not put you in the wrong, criticize you, complain to you, or gossip about you.
  • I will be straightforward–and still be unconditionally constructive.
  • From time to time, I will ask you to begin, end, or modify something.
  • I will honor your right to refuse.


11. About Confidentiality.

A coach doesn’t gossip. That means that what you are doing, how you are doing, what you have accomplished, and your personal secrets and confidences are not discussed or hinted at by me to anyone else. From time to time, the person who referred you to me may ask how you are doing. My stock answer: He or she is doing just fine. Period.

My coachee list is confidential. People may know you are working with me, but that information won’t come from me.


12. How do I know your program(s) will work for me? 

While I am happy to say I have satisfied clients, no two outcomes are exactly alike.  As with any endeavor, success depends on a number of factors including how committed you are to implementing the ideas and systems recommended as we work together.  I like good word of mouth and repeat clients, so I try to work only with people I believe to be good candidates for successful outcomes.  I am always happy to provide references!

I work best with clients who are:

– Determined to communicate more effectively with employees, colleagues, customers and/or the public and are ready to take consistent action to make it happen.
– Committed to increasing visibility beyond what their traditional marketing budgets allow.
– Ready to invest the time and resources to implement low to no cost communication strategies that can be sustained with little effort on your part.
– Ready to benefit from communication system(s), tools and technique(s) that can be implemented more quickly without reinventing the wheel.
– Unwilling to keep spending more than necessary to reach more customers, consistently.

If you are ready to implement a communication or media strategy, you can either choose from the workshops and program options on this website or we can discuss customizing a solution to meet your needs.  Still have questions?  Contact my office to schedule a “get-acquainted” call where we can determine if we’re a good fit to work together.  If I cannot help you, I will likely know someone who can.

I do not suggest my programs for people who are:

– Thinking about increasing visibility, but not ready to commit to taking the necessary steps.
– Considering enhancing communication with employees and the public but not ready to take action.
– Not ready to increase visibility beyond what their traditional marketing budgets allow.
– Hesitant about investing the time and resources required to implement low to no cost communication strategies.

If you are interested, but not yet ready to implement a full communication or media strategy, you might try attending a workshop to get creative ideas you can implement immediately.  You will find a number of resources on this site to be quite helpful.  For starters, you can sign up to receive FREE communication newsletters, tips and tools on a regular basis.  You will also find FREE articles available through the Social Media Links on the home page of this website.


13. Do I have to live in Las Vegas to work with you?

Fortunately, no.  Thanks to modern technology we can work together remotely via telephone conferences, webinars, email and snail mail. If you would like to bring one of my workshops to your hometown or association meeting, let’s talk!


14. How do I get started?

Most of my clients start with a free, no-obligation Strategy Coaching Call by telephone. It’s a great way for us to get acquainted and determine if my expertise matches your needs. Schedule your Strategy session here.

15. Suppose I still have a question?

It is very important to me that you get the answer you need.  Please email your question to  I look forward to hearing from you!