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Before working with J-Hart Communications we were missing critical marketing material and presentation delivery methods. Juana worked with us to develop effective marketing videos and sales presentations and provided coaching that gave us the confidence to deliver them. We are now relaxed and focused when we walk into the presentation room with potential clients. Our sales presentations and ability to deliver have certainly given us an edge over our competition. Our award selection percentage has increased. Juana is a true professional that is incredibly responsive and a real pleasure to work with.

 Dan Taylor


DTA Security Services



J-Hart Communications and especially Juana Hart, was extremely instrumental in helping Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT) get its message out to the community and more firmly establish ourselves as a local non-profit. With Juana’s help, we identified and articulated our core values. Juana guided us to divide the message into various constituencies, each of which seek slightly different information and results. Through this, we were more able to understand how to craft our message.


Juana was especially essential in putting together some of the special events we experienced since she came on retainer with FIT. Specially, she orchestrated a press release for our groundbreaking and then, nine months later, an even greater press release and event for our completion of construction.


Personally, as the CEO, Juana was invaluable to me as a starting point for various speaking obligations and public events. Through her outline, I was easily able to respond to the situations.

I would be more than happy to be a personal reference for Juana.

Janet Blumen

Founder and CEO

Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow




Juana is among the reasons why the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition always receives high marks – and it is why we intend to continue working with her for the foreseeable future.

 Frank Scanlan

Director of Organizational Communications

Society for Human Resource Management




Working with J-Hart Communications resulted in much more exposure to the public of the programs and services that our organization offers. There was an overall lack of knowledge in the community about the work we do, the services we provide and who we are in general. J-Hart consulting helped us bring awareness to the public about Workforce Connections. Juana’s knowledge of our organization was apparent in radio show messaging that lent credibility to us and our work. As a result, we experienced a noticeable increase in service delivery and responsiveness from the vulnerable populations we serve.

Heather DeSart

Deputy Executive Director

Workforce Connections


Juana helped the International Black Aerospace Council (IBAC) 2012 convention by creating media blitz and helping to work with the Las Vegas community. Before we started working with Juana, we did not have local media access. Juana is the epitome of professional. The value we received from her services can be measured by the number of local attendees to our convention. Improvements experienced by working with J-Hart Communications was having the ability to create an entry into the Las Vegas Community and her ability to introduce us to local vendors. Additionally, because of her professionalism we asked Juana to be our Mistress of Ceremonies. 

Vanessa Jamison (FAA)

Vice Chair, IBAC Board & Managing Director

International Black Aerospace Council