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Face-to-Face Business Networking

“Becoming well known (at least among your prospects & connections) is the most valuable element in the connection process.” ― Jeffrey Gitomer

For this conversation, let’s talk about face-to-face business meetups. These meetings are all about fun and passion for your area of expertise. Your genuine enthusiasm and concern about your guests ability to succeed will draw potential customers and partners closer, opening doors to new opportunities.

A meetup is an informal gathering of people who are interested in, or may more readily achieve their goals by learning more about your area of expertise. While you can make admission free, some meeting planners recommend that you charge at least a nominal registration fee of at least $5.00 to $10.00, which you can use to cover gratuity fees to the venue. Registrants are also more likely to show up after they have paid their fees. Everyone pays for their own food and beverages, leaving you only with the cost of time and energy to get everyone there.

You can host your meetup in a relaxed environment, such as a coffee shop, restaurant or bar and ask if the venue can possibly discount drink prices and appetizers for your group. These environments are more conducive to informal conversations and information sharing that will help your guests connect with you and each other on a more meaningful level.

If you want to add greater flair, find sponsors who will foot the bill for food and drinks for your guests.

You can use free and no cost online tools such as Eventbrite or Mailchimp to organize your event and track RSVPs.

During the event, be sure you make the rounds and talk to everyone there. You will likely be asked lots of questions about your area of expertise. Share freely as is reasonable without “giving away” the valuable services you normally get paid to deliver. Let people know you enjoy helping clients with such issues, and that they can connect with you to delve deeper into their questions at a later date, when you are both back at your desks. That will provide a good opportunity to explore the possibility of working together.

If you’re not ready to host your own event, get involved in events hosted by other organizations, such as chambers of commerce, business associations, and meetup groups where you can connect with the types of customers you like to work with. Be a great listener. Identify the common needs of the attendees around you. Offer helpful information when you can and, without selling, express your concern and willingness to help. Follow up with a “Nice to Meet” you email that includes a non-salesy call to action that will help you keep in touch.

Today’s Challenge

Determine whether or not you are ready to host and event, set a date and make it happen. If you’re not ready to launch your own event, make a list of FIVE others you can participate in. Attend, connect with other attendees, follow up with new acquaintances–and keep in touch.

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