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Tips That Have Helped My Clients Gain Exposure to Thousands

Earned Media Coverage is unpaid media exposure that you generate in order to share your message with thousands of people at once. You can take a “targeted market” approach by pitching your story to publications that are widely read by people in your specific target audience or niche.

Media exposure can help you build name recognition among your prospects and position yourself as the “go to” expert in your industry. TV, radio, print, and online news organizations are always looking for great stories. People want stories that will enable them to engage and retain readers, viewers, and listeners.

You’re in business to provide solutions to someone’s problems and it’s likely that the consumers of news and information in your community can benefit from hearing your story. You can generate earned media coverage at every opportunity by helping assignment editors, producers and reporters meet their customers’ needs. Generating media coverage is much easier than one might think. The challenge is to commit to a schedule and set aside time each month to identify newsworthy topics and events at your company. Prepare your news release, distribute it to the appropriate media, and be prepared to respond well when reporters call.

1. You can join and HARO to receive notices of opportunities to be interviewed for print, radio, podcast, and television programs. Many reporters and radio hosts search for weekly show guests. Guest appearances will allow you some exposure to talk about your niche, business, and or products.

2. Periodically call local radio/TV networks to participate as a show guest. Be sure to create a call log and stay organized as there is large staff turnover in the industry. Additionally, many outlets are sister networks and you want to avoid duplicating efforts.

3. Do it yourself. You can start your own podcast (PodBean Blog Talk Radio) and advertise it on your personal website. If you have the time, you can start by podcasting your weekly blogs. Members of the audience who are too busy to sit still and read a news article, may instead find the time to download your article and listen in at their convenience.

4. Save clippings from print articles. When you are a radio or television guest, ask the host for a copy of your show. These items will come in handy for marketing elsewhere!


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