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When you are responsible for the success of your event you need a speaker you can trust to set just the right tone for each session; someone who presents with genuine enthusiasm to reinforce your vision, brand, purpose and theme.  Meet business and media consultant Juana Hart, a former television news anchor and award-winning talk show host-producer who draws from experience in journalism, media relations, management, volunteerism and parenting to influence, inspire and motivate your audience, delivering the results you desire–reinforcing your reputation as a superb meeting planner!

Juana has provided speaker services in nine states and Canada.


Topics Include:

Communicate to Grow

The condition of your organization today is, in large part, a direct result of how your team communicates both internally and with the outside world. Your brand—the way people perceive your organization—is a result of what you and your team members say, to whom, when, where, how and why! Simply put, in order to consistently increase visibility, credibility, buy-in and revenues, an organization must consistently communicate effectively with employees, members, customers, partners, media and the public. How can you ensure that each written, verbal and non-verbal communication builds trust and confidence at every level to reinforce your brand and achieve your corporate goals?

Increase Your Visibility to Boost Your Bottom Line

News reporters are always looking for stories that can be of genuine benefit to their readers, viewers and listeners. They like fresh content, new faces and are always looking for ideas and experts who can help them achieve their goals. You can be a valuable resource to meet reporters’ needs, while generating free media coverage to increase visibility, reach more customers and boost your bottom line.

Speak with Power

Despite its importance, studies have ranked public speaking as the number one fear for many people. Some rank it above the fear of death!

Whether you’re seeking to overcome fear in order to get a promotion, create buy-in for an initiative, increase sales or engage customers, your next presentation has the potential to make or break your efforts. This session will equip you to deliver presentations that get the results you desire!



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